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If you asked what my dream job was a year ago, I would’ve said an electronic music producer. There’s just something wild about how a computer, void of emotion, can be used to create some of the most beautiful, vivid, and soul-shaking sounds. Creating things that can evoke such strong feelings in people is an incredible undertaking, and after diving into advertising, I realized that I can do that as a copywriter. So that’s my new dream job. Plus, I think pursuing a copywriting career scares my mom a little bit less than being a professional DJ.


When I’m not combining words in melodious ways, I’m dancing at local concerts, finding new ways to IKEA-hack my apartment, and nerding out over home automation. I’m proud of the work I’ve done, and I’m just getting started. Until my last internship, the best compliment I’ve ever received was “I think you’d actually be able to pull off bangs without looking like you just got broken up with”. My creative director one-upped that by telling me my copy was “f*cking amazing”. When I doubt myself as a copywriter, I remember that at least one person with a job thought my work was cool, and I’ll keep chasing that feeling forever.


I don’t let the praise get to my head though; I can be a wreck, and was recently told that I crack my knuckles nervously at grocery store checkout lines in anticipation of having to make small talk with the cashier. Apparently, it gets worse at Trader Joe’s. But I’m not scared of deep talks, so drop me a line or recommend a sick bassline anytime.

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