Kylen Chen-Troester
digital creator + copywriter

we all used TikTok to cope during quar****** but I accidentally made a career out of it


I was a Creative Producer for Clorox's initial launch on TikTok, responsible for scripting, directing, editing, and overseeing the production of 10 videos. The How To Remove Sticky Residue video has 2.5M+ views. Our launch grew the Clorox account from 0 to 103.5K+ followers in 3 months.

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During my time at Book of the Month, I created over 300 videos, largely focusing trends and educational content. Our consistent posting grew the account from 2K to 60K followers with little to no paid behind the videos.


I worked with Xbox for their first 9 months on TikTok as the first content creator on the account, mainly focusing on the launch of the Series X | S (new console) and creating trend-based content. The account grew from 0 to 2M followers.


I've created videos for multiple brands, including Harry & David, Murad skincare, Keurig, and Athena Club

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