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Media plans + strategy

The Texas Media & Analytics program has taught me that I'm a big fan of branding and strategic thinking. I love being able to take what I've learned from this sequence and apply it to my work in Texas Creative. This sequence has made me a more strategic creative, and I am constantly challenged to strengthen the "why" of the work I produce with solutions that make sense and are effective for the brands I work with. 

Texas Central Media Plan excerpts

First semester Texas Media & Analytics students develop and present media and strategy plans for two clients. Last semester, our first client was Texas Central, a high-speed train set to begin construction later in 2019. We were tasked with raising awareness among future riders, particularly Millennials and Gen-Z, and naming the train. My favorite parts of this plan were crafting the story of Texas Central and how it will change the future of transportation for its riders, explaining the name of the train (Texas Central's exec board loved the risk we took), and creating the illustrations for our final deck.

* Agreements with client prevent our budget slides from being shown


Media Plan Excerpts

This media plan for CLIF Bar was an extremely fun challenge. On a sentimental note, I got to work with some brilliant people, and they happened to be my same teammates from the above campaign. We were the only group that stuck together for our second project, and our friendship and work ethic made our presentation one of the strongest in our cohort. My favorite aspects of this campaign were the AR partnership with Fitbit, our communications platform, and delving into how CLIF could tap into the power of music to reach our target.

* Agreements with client prevent our budget slides from being shown

Halal Bros

Media Plan Excerpts

During this project for my intro to media planning course, my team and I developed a media plan for Halal Bros, one of Austin's favorite Halal restaurants, as they prepared for a hypothetical expansion to Grand Rapids, MI. My favorite parts of this campaign were coming up with our target demographic monikers and profiles, explaining the rationale behind the different media placements and event suggestions we pitched, and illustrating the menu items for the deck (which are all based on Halal Bros' actual offerings). One of my partners and I received the "Best Tag Team" award for this project because of our enthusiasm for the brand and presentation skills.

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